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"It (Otis Spann's Someday... ) is an important disc and we are glad to be playing it and when it comes off the chart it will still be part of the play list, just won’t get heard so often.  Please tell the folks there that our job is much easier when folks like them are putting out music like this." (Bill Wax of B.B. King's Bluesville on Sirius/XM Radio)

"Refreshingly, Michael Miller and John Boutell ("Blue Stew/Headed South") are obviously more concerned with their roles as primary singers and songwriters than with guitar chops.  Case in point: Miller's evocative road-trip song "Blues for the Bearcat", which is among the best recordings of the past year." (Tom Hyslop/Blues Revue Magazine)

"Based upon the opening, you know your in for a stormy ride...The review-style CD ("Rattle Your Cage") comes across well as a complete package...Greater things are bound to be coming for these Detroit dynamos... (Tim Holek/Living Blues Magazine)

"Every time I play a cut from "Rattle Your Cage" on my show, the phones light up. Detroit Women and their band know how to stir it up..." (Jim Jeffries "The Ole Hoot Owl"/Big Country Over America Radio Network)

"This is a beautiful CD (The Country Blues). Son Lewis is certainly a rare talent." Michel Chesnais France

"But the best new rock CD is Santa Has Left The Building, recorded live by ten different groups at the Great Notch Inn in West Paterson, NJ. Most of it is bluesy rock, and it culminates in an Auld Lang Syne that you’ll swear is coming from Jimi Hendrix." Gerry Grzyb, host of the Dr. Christmas Radio Shows on WRST-FM -- America's most diverse, for 17 years!

"Homeward (Silk City 2019), the debut solo album from Blue Stew guitarist, singer and songwriter Michael Paul Miller, is an exquisite example - perhaps the only example - of hipster gospel blues. On this entirely self-performed set, Miller has crafted a cycle of sometimes overt, often allusive, songs affirming his faith. Particularly interesting is "Salvation Drive," which ties together Elvis Presley, Louis Armstrong, escaped slaves, and a savior either buried along Highway 49 or still performing miracles in Tarzana. Beyond gosple, blues and jazz, "Hold Her When She Cries" is a beautiful Tex-Mex flavored country ballad that Dave Alvin might have penned; "Magazines and Cigarettes" shares the sepia tint of "Yesterday When I Was Young." Miller's superb singing ranges from Southern Soul to Tom Waits. An expressive, amazing recording." (Blues Revue Magazine)

Some great vocals and musicianship throughout the (Hobo Jungle) CD. The moods and style change yet retain true to the blue. Put it on and kick off the day. Simon Gibson (UK)

"Snake" (Silk City LPD2006), an original by Son Lewis, a thirty year veteran of the Blues and producer of this compilation, is another great track that has the tight band in a groove from beginning to end with some serious piano playing by once again, an unidentified player. Son Lewis on vocals and guitar is a joy to listen to. (Pete "The Blewzzman" Lauro/BluesWax Magazine)

"New Jersey's Hi-Way 13 Blues Band uses its full four-piece sound to great effect on the modernized Magic Sam groove of "Who You Running From" and Freddie King's "In the Open". Pacing and dyamics pay off in a taut reading of Junior Wells' "Early in the Morning". Tim Lautz takes hip B-3 solos and submits "The Deal", a funky showpiece for guitarist John Bastiani and drummer Keith Mulhare. Taxi Driver (Silk City 2014) is fine-tuned bar-room blues." (Blues Revue Magazine)

"Homeward shines, just plain shines!! Get it!" (Rhythm City Magazine)

The last song on this exceptional compilation (Red Hot Blues) I'm in Love by The Michael Packer Blues Band is currently #6 on the Radiowave published charts for contemporary blues! Radiowave airplay monitor

"Lewis is a polished guitarist able to summon up the appropriate feel for each song. The arrangements, while traditional, are never merely copies" (Living Blues Magazine)

''Jasper, Texas is more of a salute to the soulful bluesy, sounds of Memphis than the racism that caused a black man to be dragged to death in that town. I credit the band for having the guts to send this disc to Jasper's KJAS, which immediately banned it. Tough, nearly impossible for acts to break new ground with this brand of original music, Ron Orlando & Mystery Train succeed from a purist sense, while packing their tunes with a fresh sense of enthusiasm. ''Jolene, Jolene,'' a Dr. John-like ode to a stripper, is among the best modern blues I've heard recently." (Courier News)

"The Connecticut Blues Society's Local Flavor (Silk City) includes cuts from fine groups such as the D. Smith Blues Ban, who check in with the slinky "Playing in the Dark" and the Hornets, whose "Ain't Done Yet" jumps like prime-era B.B. King crossed with Louis Prima. Ear-catching new acts include Ryan Hartt, whose big harp tone propels an uptempo reading of "She May Be Yours," and the wicked instrumental work of Johnny Vibrato & the Razorbacks, on "Vibrato"- great guitar sounds..." (Blues Revue Magazine)

"TOP 6 ACOUSTIC BLUES CDs FOR 2002...#3 Michael P. Miller/Holes In The Wall/Homeward/Silk City Records Company (Smokestack Lightnin'/WUCF Orlando FL)

"an appealing compilation of regional North American blues acts… there really isn’t a week song on this disc (Hobo Jungle)… It’s a wonderful sampler of the wide spectrum of top-shelf artists who continue their journey as independents." (Blues Revue Magazine)

"His vision of presenting a package of songs that accurately represent the bottomless treasure of blues classics from the early 20th century to the 1990's is accomplished with soul, emotion and beauty...he's simply playing the blues from his heart and soul." (Glenn Adams' Delta Kitchen Blues Page)

"I absolutely LOVED this album on my first hearing… Rest assured that Son Lewis will be featured lots more on JuzBlooz." (Martin Dunstan 100.9FM Australia)

"Swang Thang (Silk City 2016) is a spirited disc by John E.K. and the Memphis Storm...the Storm is doubtless a barroom favorite..." (Blues Revue Magazine)

"Its (Hobo Jungle) got stuff as good as anything I get from the "commercial" labels and you and our friends should be proud of it!" (Fred Dabney KRWG-FM New Mexico State University, NM)

"This is one of the best CD's I've heard all year!" (Mick Martin KXJZ-FM Sacramento CA)

"Great compilation recorded live at "the last great roadhouse"…features seven bands, all delivering straight-ahead roadhouse stylings (Blues Access Magazine)

"Son Lewis may be the Next Train Smokin' across the American Blues scene... these are East Coast Blues that should not be missed!" (Big City Blues Magazine)

"On the cover of Red Hot Blues is a hot pepper. Not only is it blue, it wears sunglasses to signify of course, it's status as a blues hot pepper. And it blows fire through two large blue lips. From the end of the flame juts the head stock of a guitar, encircled by the name UJBN. It's absurd and it makes me happy! The music? 16 tunes of varied quality from the Garden State's healthy blues scene. This stylistically varied, above-average collection contains at least a few bands we're sure to hear more from. Worth checking out! Marlene -Plainfield Slim, Snake -Son Lewis, I'm in Love -Michael Packer, Jersey Blues -Jersey Blues Depot." (BLUES REVUE MAGAZINE) 

"He is a musician who respects the past, and will offer must in the future" (Best in Music/Greece)

"A fabulous CD showcasing the amazing variety and diversity of the performers… I was overjoyed to get all these artists on one disc… a wonderful collection of some of the best talent out there. Honestly, not a bad track in the bunch." (Southwest Blues Magazine)

"Smooth as silk describes the work of native son and Blues historian, Son Lewis. Lewis' gentrified guitar and soulful vocals squeeze every drop from these charts...and at 65 minutes, gives your box workout...he's a real deal". (Music Matters Magazine)

"(Standing Room Only is) a great party album…(Blues Revue Magazine)

"He’s compiled a CD that documents the development of the Blues from the thirties to the nineties. Son explores material from a Who’s Who, including Muddy, Howlin’ Wolf, Little Walter, Robert Johnson and just enough country masters to show you he’s the real deal." (Tri-State Blues Magazine)

"...A versatile Blues artist...this CD speaks for itself " (Les Tarr KLLK-FM Mendocino CA)

"A mini-history of the Blues...the playing on this session is almost consistently very good to excellent" (Blues Audience)

"A rhythm section that is as tight as a graduation night suit" (Big Al Watts 106 FM Australia)

"A diverse set of blues...swinging guitar, rolling piano, wailing harp, a beautiful groove ...effective...a fine recording" (Blueprint/UK)

"Thanks for this recording (Standing Room Only)… you can bet it will get many more plays on my future shows… (Martin "Lester" Dunstan, host of "JuzBlooz", Warnambool, Australia)

"The cut I Can't Keep From Crying is STILL in rotation...thanks for sending this disc our way!" (Marty Scarbrough KASU-FM Jonesboro AR)

"Each performance is a carefully constructed honest record with no gimmicks...worth a listen" 1997 Reader's Poll Blues Retro Artist of the Year. (Delta Snake Blues News)

"This (Hobo Jungle) is an entertaining collection…" (DC Blues Society Newsletter)

"This album is put together with the right mix of acoustic and electric Blues. Both styles reflect Lewis' great versatility in both his guitar playing and vocals" (Southland Blues)

"...A nice excursion in Blues town...even a non-Blues fan will enjoy his music" (Mark Penning/25th Hour/Belgium)

"For those predisposed to this music, Lewis will do just fine." (Nyack Journal News)

"Soulful vocal performance" (Newark Star Ledger)

"A trip through blues memory lane with this musician. Son's guitar playing shines in a variety of acoustic and electric styles" (Blues Access)

"straodinarie" (il Blues/Italy)

"A wonderful album...his guitar playing is stunning...the finest rhythm section in the tri-state area" (Scott Acton WNTI-FM)

"Next Train Smokin' has been well accepted in our audience...having a lot of success with" (Radio Universidad/Mexico)

"As a testament to the Blues, this album is highly listenable, and very promising" (River Reporter)

"Next Train Smokin' shows a real feel, a real caring for the blues... his playing is not to be missed" (Blues Power)

"INCENDIARY!" (Skyland Blues Society)

"A solid album...credible authenticity...catch the Next Train Smokin'" (Blues Suede News)

"Tradition! That’s what Son Lewis is blessed with… a caretaker of the blues lexicon plus more… and when you see Son Lewis the performer step up to the killin’ floor, you will know he has paid his dues, plus a little more…" (Mike Moss/Blues 2000 Festival Promoter)

Fan Reviews & Testimonials


I received a copy of the CD "Snake" and I'm totally enjoying it. Finally, a Blues CD with a Blues band playing Blues. No techno assistance, no fancy dancy sounds, just "The Blues" straight up! Way to go Son.

Detroit Women, your cd rocks. I have seen you sing live twice now and i hope you come back to Thunder Bay. Your CD is full of energy, and your voices are deadly!!! Lady T; you're my hero!

If it gets any better than this, it's probably illegal in 34 states. This CD (Rattle Your Cage) is what live blues should always be about: compelling singers telling you why life is great (even though parts of it may suck), a band that's subtle when you need it and a battering ram when you need that too, and a helluva great time all the way. I'm holding my breath for their next one.

This music (Rattle Your Cage) is contagious. its a must share. beautiful. thank you.

This album (Rattle Your Cage) ROCKS!!!! I love the blues but this album made me worship the blues and totally rock out! These ladies rock and you are a fool if you don't own this one!

This CD (Rattle Your Cage) rocked, wailed, jammed and moaned, interspersed with moments of hilarity.

These songs made me laugh, drive faster, sing loudly and occasionally dance around my kitchen like a crazy person. Definitely worth it.

Toe tapping, head wagging, get-your-feet-moving blues. Terrific classic blues, especially Son Lewis's guitar. Next Train Smokin’ belongs in every blues collection.

This CD (Next Train Smokin’) represents blues in the very "classic" mold, meaning not "soul blues" or "blues rock" (although it is very rocking). Upon first listening you can hear the influences from the Chicago sounds of the 1950's and 1960's all the way back to rural style acoustic blues from the country artists like Robert Johnson and Lightning Hopkins. A very well balanced CD from a historic perspective and a great intro to new blues listeners 

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